S5E9 Lost Israel: Part 2

Air Date 12/9/97

S5E8 Lost Israel: Part 1

Air Date 11/25/97

S5E7 Sheedy Dealings

Air Date 11/18/97

S5E6 Dead Man Talking

Air Date 11/11/97

S5E5 It Takes A Village

Air Date: 11/4/97

S5E4 The Truth is Out There

Air Date: 10/28/97

S5E3 Three Girls and a Baby

Air Date: 10/14/97

S5E2 All’s Wells That Ends Wells

Air Date: 10/7/97

S5E1 As Flies to Careless Boys are We to the Gods (This Bud’s for You)

Air Date: 9/30/97