S1E1-S3E22 Binge with Ben: Part 1

Kirk sits down with Ben after he binged through the first three seasons of NYPD Blue.

S3E4 Heavin’ Can Wait

Air Date 11/14/95

ABP 109: Papa Asher was on NYPD Blue Balls

Kirk and Kyle and Papa Asher recorded some NYPD Blue Balls…

S1E22 Rockin’ Robin

Air Date 5/17/94

S1E21 Guns ‘n Rosaries

Air Date 5/10/94

ABP 72: The Return of Known For

Kyle hosts a long game of “Known For” between Kirk and Papa Asher. (Recorded 7/7/14)

ABP 71: Dad Humor / Sibling Dynamics

Kirk, Kyle, Papa Asher, and Uncle Rick sit down and rap about dad humor and sibling dynamics.  (Recorded 6/23/14)

ABP 65: The Chase Quick Pay Debacle

Kyle, Kirk, and Papa Asher regarding an outrageous money transfer and then talk about Christianity AGAIN.  (Recorded 4/13/14)

ABP 60: Dead or Alive, You’re Coming With Me

Kirk and Kyle sit down and talk about the old and new Robocop.  Featuring Rik and Robocop Spoilers (Recorded 2/23/14)


ABP 56: Why Couldn’t You Put The Bunny Back In The Box?

Kirk and Kyle and Rik finish up the enigma that is Con Air. (Recorded 1/2/14)