S3E20, S3E21, & S3E22 Additional Notes

Papa Asher weighs in on the Sipowicz mini-arch in the last three episodes of Season 3

ABP 109: Papa Asher was on NYPD Blue Balls

Kirk and Kyle and Papa Asher recorded some NYPD Blue Balls…

S1E22 Rockin’ Robin

Air Date 5/17/94

S1E21 Guns ‘n Rosaries

Air Date 5/10/94

ABP 104: Shameful Self-Promotion

Kyle and Kirk (without Kyle) sit down and play a bit of the other podcasts Kirk has been making lately.  First the full episode of S1E4 True Confessions from NYPD Blue Balls featuring Papa Asher, and then the featured segment of Ep. 8. An Optimistic Lady: The Sorcerer’s Stone from Apathetic Gentlemen featuring Alex… (Recorded 4/1/16)

ABP 72: The Return of Known For

Kyle hosts a long game of “Known For” between Kirk and Papa Asher. (Recorded 7/7/14)

ABP 71: Dad Humor / Sibling Dynamics

Kirk, Kyle, Papa Asher, and Uncle Rick sit down and rap about dad humor and sibling dynamics.  (Recorded 6/23/14)

ABP 65: The Chase Quick Pay Debacle

Kyle, Kirk, and Papa Asher regarding an outrageous money transfer and then talk about Christianity AGAIN.  (Recorded 4/13/14)

ABP 51: Thanksgiving Special

Kyle and Kirk spend time on Black Friday Eve talking about how John Travolta is Gay, and how South Park can never be cancelled.  Also featuring random talk with Papa Asher.  (Recorded 11/28/13)


ABP 49: You Should Start Over

Kirk and Kyle talk ICP, Juggalos, John Legend, the Lakers,  then talk about an incident that takes up an hour of Kirk’s rage…
(Recorded 10/13/13)