ABP 113: Richard Linklater didn’t write Blade Runner

Kirk and Kyle recorded S3E11 and talked about other stuff like Polish Alvin and the Chipmunks… (Recorded: ?/?/?) (UNEDITED)

ABP 112: Hi 2018.

Kyle and Kirk talk True Detective, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and Justice League in the middle of recording the NYPD Blue Balls episodes S3E7 Aging Bull and S3E8 Cold Heaters… (WARNING True Detective, Jurassic Park Universe, and Justice League SPOILERS)

ABP 111: “Stink Pickle!”

Kirk and Kyle have a tangent about The Fast and The Furious and The Rock during their recording of NYPD Blue Balls episode S2E15 Bombs Away…

ABP 110: Kyle is Tired

Kyle catches up on some sleep when Kirk is trying to talk about NYPD Blue…

ABP 109: Papa Asher was on NYPD Blue Balls

Kirk and Kyle and Papa Asher recorded some NYPD Blue Balls…

ABP 108 Brand New Ghostbusters

Kyle and Kirk talk Brand New and the New Ghostbusters.  Also, there’s stuff edited out of NYPD Blue Balls and Apathetic Gentlemen… (Recorded 7/31/16)

ABP 107: Shortest Episode Ever!!!

Kirk and Kyle (kinda) talking about Hulu and Reno 911 during the recording of NYPD Blue Balls S1E12 Up on the Roof… (Recorded 6/30/16)

ABP 106: Shameful Self-Promotion 1.5

Kyle and Kirk (Without Kyle) present an uncut version of NYPD Blue Balls episode S1E13 Abandando Abandoned. It contains talk of NYPD Blue and Captain America: Civil War… (Recorded 5/31/16)

ABP 105: Feel The Bern

Kirk and Kyle sit down (in the same room) and talk about the Lakers’ Bro-Code, Bernie Sanders, Harry Potter, and Batman V Superman… UNEDITED (Recorded 4/17/16) ALSO some stuff edited out of NYPD Blue Balls episode S1E10 Oscar, Meyer, Weiner…

ABP 104: Shameful Self-Promotion

Kyle and Kirk (without Kyle) sit down and play a bit of the other podcasts Kirk has been making lately.  First the full episode of S1E4 True Confessions from NYPD Blue Balls featuring Papa Asher, and then the featured segment of Ep. 8. An Optimistic Lady: The Sorcerer’s Stone from Apathetic Gentlemen featuring Alex… (Recorded 4/1/16)