S3E10 The Backboard Jungle: Additional Notes

Papa Asher weighs in on the biggest topic of this episode.

S3E10 The Backboard Jungle

Air Date 1/16/96

S3E9 Sorry, Wong Suspect

Air Date 1/9/96

S3E8 Cold Heaters

Air Date 12/19/95

ABP 112: Hi 2018.

Kyle and Kirk talk True Detective, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and Justice League in the middle of recording the NYPD Blue Balls episodes S3E7 Aging Bull and S3E8 Cold Heaters… (WARNING True Detective, Jurassic Park Universe, and Justice League SPOILERS)

S3E7 Aging Bull

Air Date 12/12/95

S3E6 Curt Russell

Air Date 11/26/95

S3E5 Dirty Laundry

Air Date 11/21/95

S3E4 Heavin’ Can Wait

Air Date 11/14/95

S3E3 One Big Happy Family

Air Date 11/7/95