S4E7 Ted and Carey’s Bogus Adventure

Air Date 12/3/96

S4E6 Yes Sir, That’s My Baby

Air Date 11/26/96

S4E5 Where’d the Van Gogh

Air Date 11/19/96

S4E4 Where’s ‘Swaldo

Air Date 11/12/96

S4E3 Yes, We Have No Cannolis

Air Date 10/29/96

S4E2 Thick Stu

Air Date 10/22/96

ABP 114: Fictional Relationship Debate

Kyle and Kirk recorded S4E1 and argued over two fictional relationships: Simone V Russell and Halpert VS Beesly. (Recorded: ?/?/?) (BARELY EDITED)

S4E1 Moby Greg

Air Date 10/15/96

S1E1-S3E22 Binge with Ben: Part 2

Kirk continues sitting down with Ben after he binged through the first three seasons of NYPD Blue.

NYPD Blue To Be Continued?

Kyle and Kirk talk about the NYPD Blue sequel series that has a pilot commitment.  (WARNING NYPD Blue Spoilers)