S3E4 Heavin’ Can Wait

Air Date 11/14/95

S3E3 One Big Happy Family

Air Date 11/7/95

S3E2 Torah! Torah! Torah!

Air Date 10/31/95

S2E22 A.D.A. Sipowicz (Commentary)

Air Date 5/23/95

S2E21 The Bank Dick

Air Date 5/16/95

S2E20 The Bookie and the Kooky Cookie

Air Date 5/9/95

S2E19 Boxer Rebellion

Air Date 5/2/95

S0E0 What is NYPD Blue Balls? Part II

Kirk gives an excuse for no new episode, and talks about how you can add your thoughts to episodes.

S2E18 Innuendo

Air Date 4/4/95