S4E1-S4E22 Binge with Ben: Part 1

Kirk sits down with Ben to talk about binging season four of NYPD Blue.

S4E22 A Draining Experience

Air Date 5/20/97

S4E21 Is Paris Burning?

Air Date 5/13/97

ABP 115: Are We Recording?

Kyle and Kirk recorded S4E20 and Kyle also asks if Kirk is recording.  (Recorded: ?/?/?) (Slightly Edited)

S4E20 Emission Impossible

Air Date 5/6/97

S4E19 Bad Rap

Air Date 4/29/97

NYPD Blue To Not Be Continued

Kyle, Kirk, and Papa Asher talk about the decision to shelve the NYPD Blue sequel series and Game of Thrones breaking the Emmy record.

S4E18 I Love Lucy

Air Date 3/22/97

S4E17 A Wrenching Experience

Air Date 3/15/97

S4E16 What a Dump!

Air Date 2/25/97