S5E11 You’re Under a Rasta

Air Date 1/6/98

S5E10 Remembrance of Humps Past

Air Date 12/16/97

S5E9 Lost Israel: Part 2

Air Date 12/9/97

S5E8 Lost Israel: Part 1

Air Date 11/25/97

ABP 118: Christian Bale as Joe Exotic

Kirk and Kyle talk a bunch of stuff including their dream casting for the Tiger King movie while recording S5E4, S5E5, S5E6, and S5E7 of NYPD Blue Balls. (Recorded: ?/?/?) (Slightly Edited)

NYPD Blue is no longer on Amazon Prime

What the title said…

S5E5 It Takes A Village

Air Date: 11/4/97

S5E4 The Truth is Out There

Air Date: 10/28/97

S5E3 Three Girls and a Baby

Air Date: 10/14/97

S0E0 What is NYPD Blue Balls Part III

Kirk gives a rundown on what NYPD Blue Balls is for possible newcomers and gives some other news too.