ABP 116: #ReleasetheSnyderCut

Kirk and Kyle talked a little bit about DC and Marvel movies during S4E21 Is Paris Burning of NYPD Blue Balls, and then Kirk gives a quick announcement.  (Recorded: ?/?/?) (Slightly Edited)

S4E1-S4E22 Binge with Ben: Part 2

Kirk continues sitting down with Ben to talk about binging season four of NYPD Blue.

S4E22 A Draining Experience

Air Date 5/20/97

S4E21 Is Paris Burning?

Air Date 5/13/97

ABP 115: Are We Recording?

Kyle and Kirk recorded S4E20 and Kyle also asks if Kirk is recording.  (Recorded: ?/?/?) (Slightly Edited)

S4E20 Emission Impossible

Air Date 5/6/97

S4E19 Bad Rap

Air Date 4/29/97

S4E18 I Love Lucy

Air Date 3/22/97

S4E17 A Wrenching Experience

Air Date 3/15/97

S4E16 What a Dump!

Air Date 2/25/97