S4E9 Caulksmanship

Air Date 12/17/96

S4E8 Unembracable You

Air Date 12/10/96

S4E7 Ted and Carey’s Bogus Adventure

Air Date 12/3/96

S4E6 Yes Sir, That’s My Baby

Air Date 11/26/96

S4E5 Where’d the Van Gogh

Air Date 11/19/96

S4E4 Where’s ‘Swaldo

Air Date 11/12/96

S4E3 Yes, We Have No Cannolis

Air Date 10/29/96

S4E2 Thick Stu

Air Date 10/22/96

ABP 114: Fictional Relationship Debate

Kyle and Kirk recorded S4E1 and argued over two fictional relationships: Simone V Russell and Halpert VS Beesly. (Recorded: ?/?/?) (BARELY EDITED)

S4E1 Moby Greg

Air Date 10/15/96