S3E5 Dirty Laundry

Air Date 11/21/95

S3E4 Heavin’ Can Wait

Air Date 11/14/95

S3E3 One Big Happy Family

Air Date 11/7/95

S3E2 Torah! Torah! Torah!

Air Date 10/31/95

S2E22 A.D.A. Sipowicz (Commentary)

Air Date 5/23/95

S2E21 The Bank Dick

Air Date 5/16/95

S2E20 The Bookie and the Kooky Cookie

Air Date 5/9/95

S2E19 Boxer Rebellion

Air Date 5/2/95

S0E0 What is NYPD Blue Balls? Part II

Kirk gives an excuse for no new episode, and talks about how you can add your thoughts to episodes.