S3E13 A Tushful of Dollars

Air Date 2/13/96

ABP 113: Richard Linklater didn’t write Blade Runner

Kirk and Kyle recorded S3E11 and talked about other stuff like Polish Alvin and the Chipmunks… (Recorded: ?/?/?) (UNEDITED)

S3E12 These Old Bones

Air Date 2/6/96

S3E11 Burnin’ Love

Air Date 1/30/96

S3E10 The Backboard Jungle: Additional Notes

Papa Asher weighs in on the biggest topic of this episode.

S3E10 The Backboard Jungle

Air Date 1/16/96

S3E9 Sorry, Wong Suspect

Air Date 1/9/96

S3E8 Cold Heaters

Air Date 12/19/95

S3E7 Aging Bull

Air Date 12/12/95

S3E6 Curt Russell

Air Date 11/26/95