NYPD Blue To Be Continued?

Kyle and Kirk talk about the NYPD Blue sequel series that has a pilot commitment.  (WARNING NYPD Blue Spoilers)

S1E1-S3E22 Binge with Ben: Part 1

Kirk sits down with Ben after he binged through the first three seasons of NYPD Blue.

S3E20, S3E21, & S3E22 Additional Notes

Papa Asher weighs in on the Sipowicz mini-arch in the last three episodes of Season 3

S3E21 Closing Time

Air Date 5/14/96

S3E20 A Death in the Family

Air Date: 5/7/96

S3E19 Auntie Maimed

Air Date: 4/30/96

S3E18 We Was Robbed

Air Date: 4/2/96

S3E17 Hollie and the Blowfish

Air Date 3/26/96

S3E16 Girl Talk

Air Date 3/19/96

S3E15 Head Case

Air Date 2/27/96