S2E16 UnAmerican Graffiti

Air Date 3/14/95

ABP 111: “Stink Pickle!”

Kirk and Kyle have a tangent about The Fast and The Furious and The Rock during their recording of NYPD Blue Balls episode S2E15 Bombs Away…

S2E15 Bombs Away

Air Date 2/28/95

S2E14 A Murder with Teeth in it

Air Date 2/21/95

S2E13 Travels With Andy

Air Date 2/14/95

S2E12 Large Mouth Bass

Air Date 2/7/95

S2E11 Vishy-Vashy-Vinny

Air Date 1/17/95

S2E10 In the Butt, Bob

Air Date 1/10/95

S2E9 Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

Air Date 1/3/95

S2E8 You Bet Your Life

Air Date 12/6/94