ABP 73: Fan Dads Dick

Kirk and Kyle overuse a sweet guitar riff sting while talking about FIFA, Who the BLEEP did I Marry, The West Memphis Three, how much hates Gay Marriage, and Hook.  (Recorded 7/14/14)

ABP 57: Zimmerman = Bieber: The Musical!

Kyle and Kirk sit and have a conversation about Shia LaBeouf, Justin Bieber, Sports, trilogies, The Matrix franchise, Breaking Bad and many more… WARNING: The Matrix and Season One Breaking Bad SPOILERS (Recorded 1/20/14)

ABP 49: You Should Start Over

Kirk and Kyle talk ICP, Juggalos, John Legend, the Lakers,  then talk about an incident that takes up an hour of Kirk’s rage…
(Recorded 10/13/13)

ABP 47: Danny Went Camping and Got a Lamp

Kirk and Kyle talk about GTAV, Fantasy Football, TV and Kyle’s new place.  Then Danny comes back from camping with a lamp…
(Recorded 9/29/13)


ABP 45: Late for the Syria Discussion

Kirk and Papa Asher sit down and talk football, futbal, Syria, WWII, WWIII, the government and other super heavy topics like twitter and tattoos… WARNING: Dated Material about Syria
(Recorded 9/8/13)

ABP 44: Sponsored by Soup

Kyle and Kirk are super excited that Football is back but are not excited about betfleck…
(Recorded 9/8/13)

ABP 36: Sports are Warped

Kirk and Kyle talk about Kirk’s sunny trip to Warped Tour and then Kyle explains whats wrong with sports today. (Recorded 6/27/13)