ABP 117: You’re Welcome, Moana!

Kyle and Kirk talk the coin flip of a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson movie, and South Park while recording S5E1 and S5E2 of NYPD Blue Balls. (Recorded: ?/?/?) (Slightly Edited)

ABP 84: Pay a Girl to Lick That Butthole

Kyle and Kirk talk death, Lena Dunham, and pretend to be wrongly convicted black men in 1950’s Texas… (Recorded 11/9/14)

ABP 81: Goodness Gracious Testicles the Microphone

Kirk and Kyle bring back Blue Balls and talk about “Ellie Goulding,” Key and Peele, Team America, and much more…  (Recorded 10/5/14)

ABP 62: “Ellie Goulding”

Kirk and “Ellie Goulding” sit down and talk about her career as well as Myke’s sweet videos, South Park: The Stick of Truth, North Korea, and Fred Phelps.  (WARNING: Slight South Park: SOT SPOILER and Ellie Goulding isn’t actually in the episode.) (Recorded 3/25/13)

ABP 51: Thanksgiving Special

Kyle and Kirk spend time on Black Friday Eve talking about how John Travolta is Gay, and how South Park can never be cancelled.  Also featuring random talk with Papa Asher.  (Recorded 11/28/13)


ABP 39: I’ll Doc In Your Brown

Kirk and Kyle keep talking about Monteith, Zimmerman, Drugs, and Racism… but also find time to talk South Park, Legos, and Back to the Future Gay Clubs (Recorded 7/21/13)