ABP 45: Late for the Syria Discussion

Kirk and Papa Asher sit down and talk football, futbal, Syria, WWII, WWIII, the government and other super heavy topics like twitter and tattoos… WARNING: Dated Material about Syria
(Recorded 9/8/13)

ABP 37: The Original Asher Brothers Podcast

Kirk Bill and Rik sit down and talk about being naked on a houseboat… SPOILERS FOR World War Z (Recorded 6/30/13)

ABP 32: Tattoos: Children Disappointing Parents

Kirk and Kyle AND Papa Asher sit down and talk about their opinions on Guilty Pleasures, Homosexuality, Politics, Goth Culture, and most importantly TATTOOS WARNING: It gets heated. (Recorded 5/12/13)

ABP 30: Tattooed Loser Dude

Kirk and Kyle talk about Tim Lambesis’s foiled murder plot, CNN vs Fox vs News/ John Stewart, Homosexuality in sports, cancelled TV shoes, and bad movies. Also Special Guest Papa Asher is in to give his opinions (Recorded 5/12/13)

ABP 27: 2000s of Shoes Left Behind: The Coachella Story

Kyle and Kirk talk about Coachella and other stuff.  Contains an intro and commentary from Bill Asher AKA Papa Asher.  (Recorded 4/14/13)

ABP 9: Misogyny ’55

Kyle and Kirk talk about what wives were told in the 1950′s and then try to get Kyle’s girlfriend Maria to do Bane Voice….