ABP 62: “Ellie Goulding”

Kirk and “Ellie Goulding” sit down and talk about her career as well as Myke’s sweet videos, South Park: The Stick of Truth, North Korea, and Fred Phelps.  (WARNING: Slight South Park: SOT SPOILER and Ellie Goulding isn’t actually in the episode.) (Recorded 3/25/13)

ABP 22: …Hepafilter Doesn’t

Kirk and Kyle remain sitting with Myke and Allison, this time talking about Hepafilter

ABP 21: Allison Burps…

Kyle and Kirk sit down with Myke and Allison again

ABP 12: A Podcast With Myke (Part 2)

Kirk and Kyle continue with Myke by playing a modified ‘Known For’ and talking about TV shows, Sinbad, and what scenes make them cry… Alison is still there…

ABP 11: A Podcast With Myke (Part 1)

Kyle and Kirk discuss how their podcast, Batman, Star Wars, and Bryce Dallas Howard with the creator of their theme song Myke Clements… also his wife Allison was there…