ABP 74: Kamp Kikakee

Kyle and Kirk talk Earnest Goes to Camp, Weird Al, Community’s Return, Every Time I Die, Embarrassing Merch, Maria’s Party, and a possible guest… (Recorded 7/20/14)

ABP 69: Justin Beejer

Kyle and Kirk talk about how Kirk can’t record correctly as well as Eliot Rodger, Milosch Returns, bad dining experiences, Alex, and Maria calls during the show then try to make a Daft Punk song. (Recorded 5/26/14)

ABP 31: What Maria is Known For…

Kyle and Kirk sit down with Kyle’s Girlfriend Maria and play known for and talk about movies, animals, and old times (Recorded 5/19/13)

ABP 25: Survivor Vatican

Kyle and Kirk talk about March Madness, Justin Bieber, Amazon Reviews, a new Pope named “Dave,” and then get a call from Maria. WARNING: Maria does NOT do Bane voice. (Recorded 3/24/13)…

ABP 9: Misogyny ’55

Kyle and Kirk talk about what wives were told in the 1950′s and then try to get Kyle’s girlfriend Maria to do Bane Voice….