ABP 84: Pay a Girl to Lick That Butthole

Kyle and Kirk talk death, Lena Dunham, and pretend to be wrongly convicted black men in 1950’s Texas… (Recorded 11/9/14)

ABP 74: Kamp Kikakee

Kyle and Kirk talk Earnest Goes to Camp, Weird Al, Community’s Return, Every Time I Die, Embarrassing Merch, Maria’s Party, and a possible guest… (Recorded 7/20/14)

ABP 34: The Ashers Spoil the Internship Starring Nicolas Cage

Kirk and Kyle discuss: The Dark Knight Trilogy (again),  The Fast and the Furious Saga (again), Die Hard, Movie Rumors, The Iron Giant, Terrible Customers, Dan Harmon coming back to Community, Expendables 3, The Internship and Nicolas Cage (Recorded 6/10/13)

ABP 33: Sucking the Spoilers Out

Kyle and Kirk spoils a lot of the Fast and the Furious franchise, bring up issues with the original Jaws, then disagree with the Writers Guilds top 10 TV shows of all time, and finish with their opinions on the fourth seasons of Arrested Development and Community (Recorded 6/3/13)