ABP 63: Kirk’s Dumb Dream

Kyle and Kirk sit down and talk about Kirk’s dumb dream and his move, Sharon Lawrence, Always Sunny, Car Troubles, Coachella and Warped Tour.  (Recorded 4/6/14)

ABP 29: PFFT Sign-In Sheet!

Kyle and Kirk talk about the victories/pitfalls of Coachella 2012, Why they aren’t going to Warped tour, the Boston Marathon Bombings, and stories from restaurants and work. Then challenge our listeners to get involved with a new segment. (Recorded 4/28/13)

ABP 27: 2000s of Shoes Left Behind: The Coachella Story

Kyle and Kirk talk about Coachella and other stuff.  Contains an intro and commentary from Bill Asher AKA Papa Asher.  (Recorded 4/14/13)