ABP 46: Men Dont Listen To Robin Thicke, Sorry Job

Kyle and Kirk sit down and talk about APU and God again, but also talk about Robin Thicke, and the fact that our old youth pastor listens to the Show… (Recorded 9/22/13)

ABP 42: Health Care is like Shakey’s

Kyle and Kirk sit down late at night and fight through drowsiness to talk about what they’ve been up to, softball, christians, music, and of course batman (Recorded 8/18/13)

ABP 26.5: Teetering on Athiesm: The Bible and Jurassic Park

Kyle and Kirk continue from Episode 26, Kyle drops a HUGE question that starts a discussion about The Holy Bible and faith. And then talk about Jurassic Park and getting rid off Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Recorded 4/9/13)

ABP 10: The Crucifixion brought to you by Welches

Kirk and Kyle talk about a new sign off, Jesus drinking grape juice, and doing bane voices…