ABP 92: His Pe-Pe makes the ladies go “Smee”

Kyle and Kirk talk about Breaking Bad, NYPD Blue, Hook, Stupid Game Show Answers, Celebrity & Band Beefs, and Dad Texts,  (WARNING: Breaking Bad, NYPD BLUE, Hook Spoilers & Kyle is smacking a drumstick the whole time.) UNEDITED (Recorded 3/2/15)

ABP 59: The Bush Talks Back

Kyle and Kirk each watched two different movies and discuss them, and also they talk about Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Ellen Page, Kirk’s Car/Kyle’s Accident, Michael Sam, Breaking Bad, and the Bible AGAIN.  WARNING Breaking Bad & Dexter SPOILERS at end of episode.  (Recorded 2/17/14)

ABP 57: Zimmerman = Bieber: The Musical!

Kyle and Kirk sit and have a conversation about Shia LaBeouf, Justin Bieber, Sports, trilogies, The Matrix franchise, Breaking Bad and many more… WARNING: The Matrix and Season One Breaking Bad SPOILERS (Recorded 1/20/14)

ABP 48: Wait. Did it in the Living Room.

Kyle and Kirk talk about how smooth John Legend is, how bad Dexter was and how good Breaking Bad was.  WARNING Dexter and Breaking Bad Spoilers toward end of episode…
(Recorded 10/6/13)

ABP 47.5: The Debate of Tom’s Brady

Kyle and Kirk talk about Tom Brady’s Quarterback.  WARNING slight Breaking Bad Spoilers, but like B story stuff, and overall theme stuff.
(Recorded 9/29/13)