ABP 58: The Most Racist Thing Ever Said?

Kirk and Kyle sit and talk about Abortion, Marriage, Lonely Old Ladies, Lego Porn Star Contests, Batman and Superman, and possibly The Most Racist Thing Ever Said. WARNING Man of Steel, Lost, and The Book of Mormon  SPOILERS . (Recorded 1/27/14)

ABP 44: Sponsored by Soup

Kyle and Kirk are super excited that Football is back but are not excited about betfleck…
(Recorded 9/8/13)

ABP 42: Health Care is like Shakey’s

Kyle and Kirk sit down late at night and fight through drowsiness to talk about what they’ve been up to, softball, christians, music, and of course batman (Recorded 8/18/13)

ABP 11: A Podcast With Myke (Part 1)

Kyle and Kirk discuss how their podcast, Batman, Star Wars, and Bryce Dallas Howard with the creator of their theme song Myke Clements… also his wife Allison was there…