ABP 99.88: Congrats Jeff and Steph

Kirk and Kyle finally get back to the show and talk Transformers: Age of Extinction, DCU, ID4, Nicolaus Cage, NYPD Blue, BTTF Seinfeld, and introduce BAD PITCH. UNEDITED (Recorded 7/13/15)

ABP 99.75: You Bet Jurassic

Kyle and Kirk talk Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 3, and Jurassic World… UNEDITED and Jurassic Universe SPOILERS (6/15/15)

ABP 99.5: Mad Max: Fury Road > San Andreas

Kirk and Kyle sit down and discuss movies they’ve seen recently.  Guess which brother saw which movie… UNEDITED and SPOILERS (Recorded 6/1/15)

ABP 98: ABP Hates MCU

Kirk and Kyle explain why they are done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Cinematic Universe, and maybe all comic book movies… UNEDITED (Recorded 5/13/15)

ABP 97: Jules Brown

Kyle and Kirk talk nonsense and then get back to what’s important: Back to the Future The Series… UNEDITED (Recorded 5/4/15)

ABP 96: Two Rexes and a Baby

Kirk and Kyle sit down and talk/debate over The Lost World: Jurassic Park  (Recorded 4/12/15)

ABP 92: His Pe-Pe makes the ladies go “Smee”

Kyle and Kirk talk about Breaking Bad, NYPD Blue, Hook, Stupid Game Show Answers, Celebrity & Band Beefs, and Dad Texts,  (WARNING: Breaking Bad, NYPD BLUE, Hook Spoilers & Kyle is smacking a drumstick the whole time.) UNEDITED (Recorded 3/2/15)

ABP 89: Too Long For A Title

Kirk and Kyle talk for a little over two hours… UNEDITED (Recorded 1/11/15)

ABP 88: Back to the Future the Series

Kyle and Kirk apologize for not having new episodes, talk about Frozen taking over Disneyland, and pitch Back to the Future The Series and end up arguing over creative control and time travel. (Recorded 1/5/15)

ABP 82: That’s Not The Ghostbusters

Kyle and Kirk talk about Kirk’s sunglasses, dive into NYPD Blue, and talk about sequels and reboots of classic movies…  (Recorded 10/19/14)